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Maria Buszek to lecture at Cranbrook

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Monday, April 27, 6pm
“Stacks And Stacks: Pleasure, Embodiment, And ‘The Fan’ In Art Scholarship”
Maria Elena Buszek

In this presentation, Maria Elena Buszek will speak about her current research on the work of contemporary artists whose work exists at the intersection of art and music. Guided in this project by the precedent of music writers such as Lester Bangs, Ellen Willis, and Greil Marcus, Buszek will address their deeply personal, often embodied approach to criticism that claims a kind of kinship with the artists they write about—an approach that art historians disdain. Buszek will analyze and critique this tendency as reflective of the persistent problems with class and pleasure from which the field of art history suffers, and propose the need for a scholarly voice in the field that admits (and risks) collusion with the artists we study.
Sponsored by the Fiber Department and the Warner Lecture Fund.