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Creativity Index–How does your city/nation rank?

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather 2015 Creativity Index This study is a broad-based measure for advanced economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the 3Ts of economic development — talent, technology, and tolerance. Those are three qualities that advance the careers of artists, creators, and designers--when enhancing the quality of life in their communities, regions and nations.

One-minute video from a day at APME 2017–at CU Denver!!!

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather" One-minute video from a day at APME 2017

Visitors from Canada to CAM

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherThe College of Arts & Media was glad to welcome and spend time with Dean Ian Sutherland (School of Music) and Sonja Knutson (Office of Internatioanlization) from Memorial Univesity of Newfoundland. Also joining us was Karen Palmarini of the Consulate General of Canada, and John Sunnygard, Executive Director of the Office of International Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver.
Ian Sutherland, Sonja Knutson, John Sunnygard, and Karen Palmarini

Welcoming Eric Jewett to CAM

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Welcome dinner for Eric Jewett, new film and TV prof. making the transition from Hollywood to CU Denver. With members of the Deans Advisory Council, faculty, staff and friends. Robert Leighton, David Liban, Eric Jewett, Betsy Leighton, JOhn Leonard, Dolores Arce-Kaptain, Gaye Leonard, Sandra Harper, Marianna DiVietro.

CAM at the new location of Dazzle Jazz

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherCU Denver faculty member Todd Reid on drums, on the opening night of the new location of the Dazzle Jazz. Todd Reid is not only a national-class jazz drummer and teacher/mentor, but his leadership in providing opportunities for our students is stellar. Last night was also a fund-raiser for the University of Colorado College of Arts & Media. Thanks also to Haleigh Shipley (CAM event planner) and Mar DiVietro CAM's intrepid and talented development officer for production and planning in this wonderful occasion.