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Maria Buszek to lecture at Cranbrook

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Monday, April 27, 6pm
“Stacks And Stacks: Pleasure, Embodiment, And ‘The Fan’ In Art Scholarship”
Maria Elena Buszek

In this presentation, Maria Elena Buszek will speak about her current research on the work of contemporary artists whose work exists at the intersection of art and music. Guided in this project by the precedent of music writers such as Lester Bangs, Ellen Willis, and Greil Marcus, Buszek will address their deeply personal, often embodied approach to criticism that claims a kind of kinship with the artists they write about—an approach that art historians disdain. Buszek will analyze and critique this tendency as reflective of the persistent problems with class and pleasure from which the field of art history suffers, and propose the need for a scholarly voice in the field that admits (and risks) collusion with the artists we study.
Sponsored by the Fiber Department and the Warner Lecture Fund.


David Bondelevitch honored at faculty research symposium

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Prof. David J. Bondelevitch from the Recording Arts Area of the Department of Music Entertainment & Industry Studies was one of two professors from the entire CU Denver campus and Anschutz Medical Center to make make a presentation, outlining their research that was support by the CU Denver Office of Research Services.

David’s topic is the great jazz performer, composer, arranger and educator Herb Pomeroy.

We are so fortunate to have David Bondelevitch on our faculty. Check out his IMBd Credits


DJB 042415

Opening at Unicom Gallery

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Wonderful Opening Reception at CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACTIONS exhibit, Unicom Gallery, April 23, 4:30-7 PM. Pictured here with CU Denver alum Andra Archer, who is also a member of our CAM Dean’s Advisory Council.



We also saw a wonderful exhibit of photography that featured 4 CU Denver Photography faculty members. Carol Golomboski, Bill Adams, Mariana Viera and Patti Hollock. Proud!

Photo synthesis 042515

The Dilemmas of Maker Culture

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Thinking through the consequences of the proliferation of powerful tools and technologies

Here’s a very thoughtful article about Maker Culture from the Atlantic Magazine:

It was so refreshing to meet Sharon Leschner last week, an alum of Alex Ruthmann‘s research group, the Music Experience Design Lab. Sharon is graduating from NYU with a degree in Media, Culture and Communications with a focus on arts, education and maker cultures. She will then help run a new makerspace in Denver at The MakerLab. The MakerLab is an entrepreneurial project of VonMod Design.

While choirs, bands, and orchestras are important areas of study in music education, it is refreshing to see scholars/researchers like Alex Ruthmann providing new models that compliment the “old.”


Path to understanding Silk Road players explain how they meld playing and traditions to make new music

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n 1998 when the cellist Yo-Yo Ma (photo 1, via video) wanted to bring together musicians from around the world, he named the project after the Silk Road, forming a nonprofit that spawned the Silk Road Ensemble (photo 2, via video). During an Academic Ventures program, Silk Road Ensemble musicians and Steve Seidel (photo 3), director of the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, discussed what it meant to navigate culture in artistic collaborations.

Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer
Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer